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Covid Food Hampers

TCAT launched a Covid-19 hunger relief program at the end of July 2020 when the need for food and hunger relief was identified. This project continued for a period of 7 months till the end of January 2021. With the assistance of local organisations operating in the remote villages of Thaba Nchu, families were identified who were most in need of food assistance. The parcels were distributed to Paradys, Talla, Bofulo, Rooibult, Kgalala, Modutung, Middeldeel, Morago, Gladstone, Nogaspont, Yorksford, Rietfontein, Grootdam, Klipfontein, Balaclava, Springfontein, Tweefontein, Kommisdrift, Woodbridge 2, Sediba and Seroalo Trusts.

The distribution was done on a rotation basis to accommodate as many families as possible and to ensure that everyone is assisted during the distribution period. The total number of families assisted with the project was 3490 with nearly 12 215 individuals being beneficiaries.

Posted on March 2, 2021 in Community Welfare

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